How to Change Roku TV Name [3 Easy Methods]

Having two or more Roku devices in the house. It might be challenging to distinguish between these devices when you’re to select an actual device for mirroring or you’re trying to Airplay content to one of these.

With the default names of Roku or Roku (+numbers), to differentiate from each device when switching from one to another wouldn’t be relaxing like switching between familiar customized devices names. Luckily Roku allows that.

You may have missed the chance to rename your Roku device when connected to the Roku smart home App for the first time. After facing an identification snag when it comes to choosing the right device out of five Roku’s with the same name, you must be guessing and curious, if it’s possible to rename your Roku.

Are you trying to update and personalize your Roku TV name to identify your Roku devices easily when trying to establish a connection? 

Fortunately, we’ve put up an updated lead that provides you with a step-by-step guide on how to update and change your Roku TV name, which helps in telling apart your Roku devices when you’re trying to Airplay or mirror to any of them.

How to Change Roku TV Name

Updating your Roku TV name from default to what you preferred isn’t an arduous task to get done, as you can do this easily yourself in three different ways. However, these methods include changing the Roku TV name on Roku’s website, renaming it from the Roku’s mobile App, and using the Roku smart home app.

Change Roku Name from your Roku’s Account

Mind you, this process requires access to either a smartphone or computer. As you’ll be needing a web browser since you’re visiting a webpage to rename the Roku TV. To get started;

  • Open your device web browser and visit Roku’s website at

How to Change Roku TV Name

  • Login with your personal credentials to access your Roku device settings on Roku’s website.
  • After successfully sign in, Navigate to the profile avatar in the right top corner of your screen and click.

How to Change Roku TV Name

  • Locate and click My Account from the options.
  • Stroll way down to the My linked devices section to view the list of linked Roku devices as well as the name and location you provided during activation for each Roku.
  • Click the pencil ✏ shaped icon at the front of the device name you’d like to change. 
  • Enter the new name for the device, then click Update to save the changes. 

For your information, Roku devices’ set location during initial setup can also be changed on your Roku’s account. To edit the device location. Click the pencil ✏ shaped icon at the front of the device location you’d like to change, input the new location and finally click Update to save the changes.

Rename Roku Device from Roku’s mobile App

An application software that serves as a vital switchboard of your connected Roku TV. The Roku mobile application which is made available for both most used smartphone operating systems, Android and iOS presents itself as the Roku device control center.

As it gives access to open channels, share personal photos and videos on your TV, control the Roku interface, send commands to the device from your phone, and listen privately with your headphones e.t.c.

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Editing your Roku TV name on Roku’s mobile App is only possible if your Roku TV and the smartphone share the same wireless network. Lean on the below outlined steps to rename your Roku TV easily on the Roku’s mobile application. 

To get started;

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How to Change Roku TV Name

  • Install Roku mobile App from your device App store either on Android or iPhone.
  • Ensure you’ve established a secure connection to the same network your Roku TV is connected to.
  • Click Devices from the footer menu far left on the App.
  • This will provide the list of available devices you have on the same network and ready for connection.
  • Select the actual one you’d like to make changes to by tapping it.
  • On tapping the actual Roku TV, it’ll be moved to the connected device section.

How to Change Roku TV Name

  • Click the horizontal ellipsis button next to the device to access it option. 
  • Select Set Name and Location to rename the Roku TV. 
  • Login in with your credentials if prompted in case you’re accessing the Roku on the App for the time. 
  • Make the changes and finally tap Save to apply.

Change Roku Name from the Roku Smart Home App

Editing your Roku TV name from the Roku smart home App is quite possible since it has access to device settings for serving as a smart home manager application.

The Roku Smart Home mobile application is a typical smart home manager that enables easy access and setup of smart home devices, including indoor and outdoor home security cameras, video doorbells, smart bulbs, smart light strips, smart plugs, and more.

In addition, the Roku smart home manager application also gives room for personalization and customization of your connected devices settings, creating a group for sets of devices in order to send out commands and control your entire house at once.

After all, changing your Roku TV name on the Roku smart home app doesn’t require both devices to be on the same network, which makes it less fiddly.

How to change Roku TV name from the Roku Smart Home App

  • Get the Roku Smart Home App installed on your smartphone. Available on both Google Play Store and App Store.
  • Click the Home icon from the App navigation bar.
  • Then choose your device from the list.
  • Click the Settings icon.
  • Then tap the device Name. 
  • Input the new name you’d wish to replace your Roku name with.
  • Then finally click done right below the input box to save the name changes.

Wrapping Up

Hope you found this post helpful. In conclusion, changing your Roku TV and Roku streaming devices name from the default to any of choice is elementary, as you can get it down easily following any of the appropriate methods mentioned above.

Seeing that default names of Roku TVs are identical. Having multiple Roku streaming devices, this may be demanding and exacting when trying to pick out of many wireless Roku devices for mirroring or Airplay.

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In cases like this, changing your Roku name is the best option you can resort to, which can be done in no time with easy steps included in this guidepost. Dealing with a malfunctioning Roku controller, check out how to fix Roku remote volume not working

Having other relevant key points not included in this post that you’d like to share with us. It’s time to hear from you. Let’s hear that out in the comment section below.

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