How To Bypass Screen Mirror Block

The swift development and adoption of technology nowadays render humans great opportunities as it paves a new direction to development in terms of easy life, Innovations and Inventions among others. 

Here comes the Miracast technology, popularly known as screen mirroring, screencast, wireless display and Airplay among names on different devices.

This is a Wi-Fi alliance introduced standard, which allows wireless transmission of display from any supported devices including Smartphones, Laptop, Tablet to other secondary display units like Monitor, TV, projector, LCD or Touch screen.

As it projects real-time operation on your device to another display unit wirelessly; which is done by repeatedly transmission of your screen to the device. 

Screen mirroring comes in handy when you want to share photos, music, videos, games, and more from your smartphone, tablet or laptop with a group of people or you’d like to enjoy a glance of a big screen with high resolution.

Assuming you’re casting to a TV set with 4K resolution (i.e. it has 3,840 horizontal pixels and 2,160 vertical pixels, for a total of about 8.3 million pixels). That’s so cool, isn’t it?

However, as a result of safeguarding one’s copyrighted material, research and content from being copied and shared around the internet, some well known companies have restrained screen mirroring function on their App as well as screenshot, esp most cloud base streaming platforms.

Apparently, reproduction of content has now been made easier than before, due to digitalization of content i.e. conversion of every piece of information into digital format.

Digital content like Images, Audios, Videos, can now be edited stress-free and generate a new whole work using designated software or artificial intelligence (AI).

Have got a lot of questions online which I am able to replicate on Reddit.

“Does anyone have any suggestions for bypassing mirroring restrictions for apps that don’t allow for content to be airplayed to Apple TV?”

People have questions like; How to bypass screen mirroring restrictions? How to bypass screen mirror block on the iPhone? How can I bypass the Netflix screen mirror block?

Basically, there are various theories surrounding this queries online, but can you really bypass screen mirroring restrictions?

Sit back and read on to get your questions answered as we’ll widen your scope on everything you need to know concerning how to bypass screen mirror block.

How To Bypass Screen Mirror Block on iPhone

How To Bypass Screen Mirror Block

Streaming on your iPhone with no mirror and screenshot access means the content is DRM (Digital Right Management) protected, a technology used by content providers to determine who can access their content as well as how people interact with it.

This is majorly used by streaming service providers like Netflix, Disney Plus and Apple TV.

However with mirror and screenshot access denied on your iPhone, this means you’re restrained from mirroring your iPhone to a secondary display unit and taking screen munch, since it isn’t allowed by the developer due to one reason or another.

Apparently, there’s no trick to bypass screen mirror block on iPhone or else you perform a jailbreak for your device which is not advisable.

There are few steps you can take to firmly confirm if a particular App is DRM protected on iPhone. To confirm if an App content is screen mirror block on iPhone;

  • Launch the App you’re testing.
  • In case it’s a streaming platform; try to start streaming a video before taking the steps, since it might work on the App homepage. 
  • Swipe up to access the Control Center. 
  • Tap on the screen record to start recording your screen. 
  • Wait for a couple of seconds then stop to save. 
  • Navigate to Photos App >> Screen record Album. 
  • Play the Video to confirm.

If the screen recorded content displays perfectly with sound, meaning the App content isn’t protected from mirroring.

In case it shows blank with only audio, then the App content is protected from mirroring and there’s no way to bypass screen mirror block on iPhone or else you decide to get an Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast or Smart TV for streaming seamlessly on a large screen. 

How To Bypass Screen Mirror Block on Android

Have you ever been in a situation where you saw an error message (!) “Taking screenshots isn’t allowed by the app” while trying to munch your device screen?

Following the release of Android 8 “Oreo” the eighth major release and the 15th version of the Android mobile operating system which was first released as an alpha quality developer preview in March 2017 and made available to the public on August 21, 2017.

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Android also takes a step forward by protecting DRM content from users which firstly reflect on in-App screenshot restrictions, which might likely cause screen mirror block while trying to mirror on a secondary display.

However, according to an Android user’s reply on Google Next community, in his case; DRM protected content can still be mirrored on Android operating system not until early 2019 when Android 10 was first released as a developer preview.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to bypass screen mirror block on Android unless you root your device. To check if a particular App will block screen mirroring on Android;

  • Open the App you’re testing.
  • In case it’s a streaming platform; try to start streaming a video before taking the steps, since it might work on the App homepage. 
  • Swipe down from the top to access your device toolbar.
  • Navigate to select screen recording from the toolbar.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds then stop to save. 
  • Navigate to your device Gallery App >> Screen record Album.
  • Play the Video to confirm.

If you’re able to watch the screen record without screen blank, that is the content isn’t DRM protected and can be mirrored to other display units. But if it only plays the audio without displaying the content, that means it’s highly protected and restricted from mirroring. 

Guess what, I have found a way to take a screenshot on Android App despite showing “screenshots isn’t allowed by the App” without root.

Notice: This requires a PC with ADB installed, Scrcpy software and USB to Micro 3m cable for connecting your device with PC.

How To Screenshot on Android Despite Restriction: No Root

  • With your Android USB debugging mode ON, connect your device with PC using the USB to Micro 3m cable.

ADB devices

  • Confirm the connection by executing ADB devices from the android_sdk/platform-tools/ directory on PC, which will show the list of connected devices.

Scrcpy software download

  • Have your Scrcpy software in place. You can get it on github.
  • Navigate to file explorer and open Scrcpy folder.

How To Bypass Screen Mirror Block

  • Double-click on the scrcpy.exe file
  • On clicking the scrcpy.exe, your connected device display will be mirrored on the PC.
  • Then press and hold Windows Logo Key then PrtScn button to munch the screen content without restrictions or Fn + Windows logo key + Space Bar in case PrtScn is not available on your keyboard.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do some apps block screen mirroring?

Absolutely true, there are Apps that block screen mirroring as a result of content or copyright protection and licensing constraints, especially streaming service providers like Netflix, Disney+, and Apple TV.

The mirroring and screenshot blockage has been embedded by the App developer and DRM originator while building it from scratch, whereas there isn’t any actual way to bypass screen mirror block on any device or else you jailbreak your device or get a modded version of the App which might likely support screen mirroring.

Why is my screen black when sharing a movie?

Blank screen while mirroring is caused by access restriction from the content provider as it will only transmit the Audio without displaying the video.

This step is taken in order to prevent users from creating and sharing multiple copyrighted video content online to prevent both actors and the company’s right, as digitalization now makes it easy to edit and manipulate a copied material.

As some applications restrict screen mirroring and screenshot while streaming, users are advised to get an Android box like that of Amazon Fire Stick or Smart TV to have the App installed directly on it and enjoy watching movies right from it.

Do peacocks block mirroring?

Currently, users have been complaining about mirroring issue while trying to cast peacocks to secondary display.

Folks believe peacocks now support mirroring on some specific devices which include Vizio Smart TV with Smartcast 2.0 or 3.0 (2016 – later models), LG Smart TV with WebOS 3.5 and above (2018 – later models), and any other Smart TV with Android OS according to airdroid

Can you AirPlay from Peacock?

AirPlay on Peacock is possible on iPhone if you’re running on supported devices. To AirPlay Peacock from your iPhone;

  • Launch iPhone App Store and install Peacock.
  • Login to access the streaming service, sign up in case you’re a first timer. 
  • Navigate to your iPhone Settings.
  • Locate and tap General >> AirPlay & Handoff.
  • Select the Automatic AirPlay to TVs option and make sure it’s allowed. 
  • With your iPhone and secondary display connected to the same Wi-Fi network, open Peacock then start streaming.
  • Swipe up to access the Control Center then tap the AirPlay button to show available devices you’d like to connect to. 
  • Choose your secondary display and enjoy streaming on the big screen.


Hopefully you’ve got your questions answered in this guidepost? In practice, there’s no method or tricks to bypass screen mirror block on any device as tech giants have offered us with an appropriate solution to set things right.

Following the invention of devices with inbuilt digital media players like Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick and Smart TV’s integrated with Internet and interactive Web 2.0 features, users can now stream unhindered with no smartphone.

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