How Much Is Oraimo Power Bank 10000mAh? Answered!

Since the establishment of Oraimo back in 2013, the Transsion accessories brand keep offering peoples innovation and easy life with invention of easily smart and simply best accessories ranging from AirPods, Smartwatch, Power bank, Bluetooth Music player and more. 

To have your smart devices charged sometimes might be demanding especially if you’re away from home or went on vacation.

In this case having a portable battery charger “Power Bank” may be your last hope of staying connected with your device, since it offers swift transferring of saved power to your device battery.

Have you thought about buying the smart Oraimo 10000mah power bank but still have a lot of questions unanswered like, how much is Oraimo power bank 10000mah?, did it suit me and will it serve its purpose, can I use it to charge my laptop? How many phones can Oraimo 10,000mAh charge?

How Much Is Oraimo Power Bank 10000mAh? Answered!

Luckily, I have put up an updated tip on everything you need to know about the Oraimo 10000mah power bank including its price, functions and precautions to take while using it.

Fasten up and read on.

Oraimo Power Bank 10000mAh Price

The super sleek and flexible Oraimo 10000mah power bank comes in different styles;

  1. The Oraimo Toast 10 Lite, a 14.5mm ultraslim body to provide 10000mAh high capacity equipped with easy-grip edges to give you superb hand feeling and inbuilt LED flashlight.
  2. The Oraimo Toast 10 PD Pro 20W, a 16mm super slim body equipped with a popular PD3.0 USB-C port, together with QC3.0 standard USB ports to charge two more devices simultaneously at 20W max speed. So cool, isn’t it?

Getting to know the price for different kinds of Oraimo 10000mah power bank. The Oraimo 10000mah power bank can be purchased in Nigeria with a price range from N6,000 to N8,000 depending on where you’re purchasing it from.

You can purchase the Oraimo 10000mah power bank in Bangladesh for as low as ৳1,400 to ৳1,900, while in India, you can get the Oraimo 10000mah power bank with a price ranges around ₹1000.

How Much is The Oraimo Power Bank in The Slot?

Purchasing accessories from a Nigerian-based retail company dealer shop which people call Slot is reliable since one will get off the mindset of being duped by purchasing a low quality product at a high price.

How Much Is Oraimo Power Bank 10000mAh

Surprisingly, some brands may even offer you a warranty period on the product purchased, maybe when you purchase in large quantities or during a special event.

You might have to buy at the highest rate when purchasing from Slot since you’re dealing with the well known and most trustworthy Africa based retail company.

How Many Phones Can 10000mAh Charge?

Basically, to determine the actual battery capacity of a power bank after using it for a while may be challenging since power banks battery depreciates on every usage cycle (import and export) due to energy loss and voltage conversion.

This makes it more difficult to say exactly how many times you can power your phone with the Oraimo 10000mah power bank. The power bank capacity determines how often you can power your device while the capacity itself isn’t stable. No need to fret, learn how it works below.

It was learned that the actual capacity of a new power bank is around 2/3 of the indicated capacity which causes imbalance in the calculation.

Using the Oraimo power bank of 10000mah; With full charge, you can probably power up an iPhone for like 2 to 3 times. While charging an Android phone, you can power it up for like 1 to 2 times.

Note that the cable type you’re using, and the maximum power your phone can handle determines time taken when charging your phone with a power bank.

Since modern power banks are produced with built-in fast charging, most phones and other devices are also capable of handling 5V/2.4A.

It is firmly advisable to use the cable that came with the product while charging or make use of the USB-C cable that supports up-to 100W / 20V which reduces charging ranges to around 1hour or 30minutes.

How Many Hours Does a 10000mAh Power Bank last?

Asking yourself, for how long can you use the Oraimo 10000mah power bank? Depending on your phone battery capacity and the power bank capacity as you can only get hold of 2/3 out of the stipulated capacity.

The power bank work hour depends on what you’re charging with it, assuming you’re charging two Android phones with 3500mAh battery, be aware the power bank will only last till both devices are fully charged. 

Can a 10000mAh Power Bank Charge a Laptop?

Nowadays Laptops are made limber, which makes it easier to charge from other sources apart from electricity. Charging your Laptops with portable battery charger “Power Bank” has now been made possible thanks to the invention of flexible batteries.

Charging your Laptop with a 10000mAh power bank is only possible if the power bank output wattage capacity exceeds the normal wattage that does power up the Laptop.

How Much Is Oraimo Power Bank 10000mAh

Normal wattage that does power the most flexible Laptops (MacBook and Chromebook) ranges from 25W – 60W, in case you are using a 10000mAh power bank with 5V, let’s do the math; 5×10=50W max of wattage output.

Assuming your Laptop input wattage is around 25W, you can only power it up with the 10000mAh power bank of 5V max output power. Charging your Laptops with small power banks isn’t advisable unless it’s an emergency because the charging tends to slow which might have a negative impact on your Laptop battery.

How Many Hours Should I Charge my New Power Bank?

Calculating time taken to fully charge a new power bank. To guess and have a hint of expected time your power bank will be fully charged, this implies that;

Charging hours = Battery Capacity / Charger Output Current

With the formula above, using a 5V/2A adapter to charge your 10000mAh power bank, as 1A = 1000mAh. 10000mAh / 2A (2000mAh) = 5hours of charging time frame.

Using a 5V/1.8A adapter to charge your 10000mAh power bank. 10000mAh / 1.8A (1800mAh) = making 5.5hours of charging time frame.

Note: This may not be the actual charging hours because of the energy loss and voltage conversion, just to have a tip of when it will be fully charged.


Hopefully you’ve got all your questions answered? Always take note that the Oraimo 10000mah power bank price tends to vary based on your location choice either in Nigeria, India, Kenya or Bangladesh.

Still having one or two things you’d like us to cover in this quick tip post, let hear it out in the comment section. 

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