How to Fix unsend message not working on iPhone in iOS 16

Can your iMessage recipient still get hold of your conversation still after using the unsend message? Here is how to fix unsend message not working on iPhone in iOS 16. The promising unsend message feature in iMessage on iOS 16 now stands as a hitch for some users.

Apple features the pronounced unsend message option in their latest software update “iOS 16” which the full public version roll out completely few days ago, the unsend message feature could save you from worst autocorrect failures by giving you access to edit or delete already sent message on iMessage within some stipulated time frame.

Fix unsend message not working on iPhone in iOS 16

Presume you made a typo when texting or send messages to the wrong person entirely, as a Typo-prone texters no need to fret you can now make changes to your messages by long pressing and tapping edit from the options within 15 minutes time frame after the message was sent and also Unsend the whole text within 2 minutes after sending it, isn’t that cool?

How to Edit iMessage on iPhone in iOS 16

To edit your sent conversation on iMessage follow the below steps after sending your message;

Fix unsend message not working on iPhone in iOS 16

  • Long press the message you want to edit.
  • A quick action menu will pop up on your screen.
  • Locate and tap edit from the list.
  • You’ll be provided with option to edit delivered message.
  • A message can only be edited 5 times after sending it.
  • 15 minutes time frame is set to edit your message after sent.
  • After correcting your error, tap the blue mark next to the message to send your changes to your conversation partner.

How to Unsend iMessage on iPhone in iOS 16

To Unsend already sent iMessage content on an iPhone running iOS 16 software version.

  • Long press the message you wish to delete at your recipient end.
  • Quick action menu will be provided with some options.
  • Locate and tap unsend from the list.
  • To unsend iMessage conversation, you only have 2 minutes time frame set to make the option accessible and functioning.

Take note that if your conversation partner is running on iOS 15 or variant the two functions may not have effect as it only works with the latest software version.

With both parties running on iOS 16 or later, the recipient will see a text that you’ve unsent or edit a text message with no hint of what it’s.

Causes of Unsend message not working on iPhone in iOS 16

Is the unsend message feature not really working well with some users? According to the programmed message after using the unsend message feature “You unsent a message.

Recipients might still see the message on devices where the software hasn’t been updated” Are you sure the recipient is running on iOS 16.

Based on issue that has been initially reported by Steve (iPhone 13 Pro Max user) on which I quoted;

“Every time in iOS 16, I send a message to another person that has iOS 16 and I tried to unsend it doesn’t go away on their end, but disappears on my end and says the other person doesn’t have updated software…This is totally incorrect. The person is running iOS 16”

And also confirmed by Lisa;

“The unsend message feature doesn’t work…I’ve tried to use it multiple times in under 2 minutes and it still doesn’t work.”

What might be the causes?

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Running on iOS 16 or later version

For flawless performance of the new unsend message feature which rolled out with iOS 16, every device must run on the latest operating system i.e the full public version with a build number 20A362 or later and not ones from beta stages pre-release for beta testers.

Unsend Message Timeframe

You have to keep note of the time frame stated for absolute functioning of the unsend feature after your message was sent, the window is 2 minutes after the sent time i.e if the time limit was exceeded the function will not perform as it suppose.

Unsend Message works with iMessage not SMS

The unsend message feature only functions with iMessage not the short message service “SMS” (carrier services managed by wireless service providers).

Fix unsend message not working on iPhone in iOS 16

To differentiate iMessage from text messages; iMessages are in blue and text messages are green. iMessages only work between iPhones (and other Apple devices such as iPads). If you are using an iPhone and you send a message to a friend on Android, it will be sent as an SMS message and will be green.

How to Fix unsend message not working on iPhone in iOS 16

Fix unsend message not working on iPhone in iOS 16

To troubleshoot malfunctioning unsend messages on an iPhone running iOS 16 or later you can examine the iMessage option by resetting the function. To do this, navigate to your phone Settings >> Messages then toggle off the iMessage function, reboot your device and switch on the iMessage function to recalibrate its setting.

More fixes to be updated! Contribute in the comment section.

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