How to Fix Spectrum App Freezing on Samsung Smart TV

Are you having an issue accessing the Spectrum App on your Samsung TV? Due one reason or another, the Spectrum App on your Samsung TV might be freezing and refuses to work appropriately when trying to stream live.

The American over-the-top internet television service provider Spectrum TV Stream has caught the wide view of significant live content streamers. With access to over 125 channels to watch live or stream anywhere with the platform App, Spectrum is made available for multitude devices including the Samsung smart TV.

It must have been a tiresome experience as the Spectrum App refuses to work or freezes up anytime you wish to access it on your Samsung TV. Seeing that Spectrum App is Tizen OS supported, the snag is probably an uncomplicated issue that can be fixed in no time after applying some troubleshooting method.

Lucky you. We’ve got a few proven fixes that could help you in rectifying the Spectrum App freezing on Samsung Smart TV. Beforehand, have you been thinking over what can actually cause the sudden issue? As your Spectrum App started showing sorts of error codes. Definitely, something is wrong with either your connected wireless network, or the application software.

Why Does My Spectrum App Keep Freezing?

With a lot of speculation surrounding the issue, there are numerous reasons why the Spectrum App refuses to work as expected on your Samsung Smart TV. Although, the connected wireless network is always considered the main problem on most occasions, in terms of the wireless network speed.

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In situations where the Spectrum App responds with SCF-1003 – Check Connection or SLC-1001 – Unable to Complete Request. This implies the Spectrum program is not detecting any internet access from your device, which requires closing and restarting the App, or ensuring the Samsung TV is still connected to a stable wireless network.

Sometimes, the location access might be the reason why Spectrum application is acting bad on your Samsung TV, especially when the streaming service is geographically restricted in some locations i.e. their services are inaccessible automatically in locations based on the device network location. Largely called geo-blocking or geo-restricted.

Such other common reasons that can cause the Spectrum App freezing on Samsung Smart TV include;

  • Overloaded Device CPU
  • Outdated Application
  • Spectrum Server Downtime
  • Outdated Device Software or Firmware
  • Customization Error
  • Parental Control Restriction (if it only affects some channels)

How to Fix Spectrum App Freezing on Samsung Smart TV

How to Fix Spectrum App Freezing on Samsung Smart TV

Ensure Spectrum App is Compatible With Your TV

Before trying out any troubleshooting steps to fix Spectrum App freezing on Samsung Smart TV, you must firstly ensure the Spectrum App is compatible and supports your Samsung TV. The live-streaming platform Spectrum is expected to run perfectly on 2015 and earlier Samsung Smart TVs that feature the Tizen OS.

Due to timely updates and rapid progress on system software, the device operating system needs to be an updated kind for better compatibility. Using prior models can prevent the Spectrum App from working as expected and makes it freezes up whenever you’re trying to access your favorite live content on your Samsung Smart TV.

On detecting your Samsung Smart TV has been decommissioned from working with Spectrum TV App, you can consider going for a replacement with a latest Smart TV, or resort to streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku TV, or Apple TV.

Check Spectrum Server Status

The other thing that might go beyond your control as the cause of the freezing issue is the platform server status. Technically, server outages will definitely affect a large number of users in a certain geographical area, in case the platform server is experiencing a downtime due to maintenance, updates, or unexpected problems such as connectivity issues, system crashes, and other problems.

On rare occasions as it is unusual, the Spectrum server may be suffering from technical issues or due to sudden maintenance. Its application software may be inaccessible on some devices. It’s recommended to check out the Spectrum server status to confirm if you’re the only one experiencing the issue or the issue is with their regional server and affects a bunch of users. 

There are lots of free downtime detectors out there you can use in checking the platform real time status. Such include online tools and mobile application software. Basically, downtime detectors determine the server status by leveraging users problem report, real-time analysis, and verification of the outage reports before concluding the downtime.

However, the most reliable source you can utilize to confirm Spectrum server status is Downdetector. You can visit the website on any of your devices, either your smartphone or computer, to clear the doubt of Spectrum server outage. And also, it’s advisable to try accessing Spectrum on other smart devices you own to confirm if the issue is with the platform or your Samsung Smart TV. 

Power Cycle the Samsung TV

Just as always, you need to practice the normal doctrine by hard restarting the Samsung Smart TV since it works great oftentimes. In terms of program glitch or overloaded processing system, power cycling the device has always been a great safe every now and then.

Actually, turning off the TV by pressing the power button on the TV remote only puts the device in sleeping mode i.e. In a standby mode and makes it ready for quick startup. Restarting the Samsung TV will refresh its processor.

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During the process, all random and unimportant data slowing down the device will be flushed out and all background tasks will be stopped from happening.

Apparently, almost every smart device features a restart option to restart it automatically in case you are not aware of any effective manual method to restart the device. Though the automatic method is the easiest way when it comes to restarting your Samsung Smart TV, since it only involves navigating to TV settings with the remote control.

How to do this; 

  • Press the Home button on the remote to revert all action to the Home screen.
  • Navigate to the Settings icon on the Home screen and click. 
  • Look for Device or Device preference then Restart
  • Select Restart and confirm your action by re-selecting Restart.
  • Wait for several seconds till it shut down and power on automatically.

In case you’re trying the manual method, this involves getting closer to the Samsung TV. Put the TV to sleep by pressing the power button on either the remote or TV body. Remove the power cable from the wall power outlet. With the power cable unplugged, press the power button and hold for a few seconds to power drain the TV capacitor.

Plug the power cable back to the outlet and turn on the Samsung TV with your remote control. Wait till it boots down and loads completely, then try accessing the Spectrum application if restarting the TV has got the freezing issue fixed.

Additionally, you may want to try a cold restart since you have your TV remote with you. When the Samsung Smart TV freezes up and seems unresponsive, you can force restart the device using the steps mentioned right above or cold reset by long pressing the power button on the TV remote until the TV powers off and turns itself on after a while automatically.

Examine Wireless Network

How to Fix Spectrum App Freezing on Samsung Smart TV

You might be having a hard time streaming on your Samsung TV with low internet speed. For high efficiency of streaming applications especially on Smart TVs, a stable internet connection is needed in order to avoid buffering issues during the streaming process.

In most cases, Smart TV users face distress when a connected Wi-Fi network is experiencing a setback due to numerous reasons. The Spectrum App on your Samsung Smart TV may freeze up and refuse to resound as a result of low internet speed. Moreover, a minimum of at least 3 to 4 Mbps is required for standard streaming while up-to 8 Mbps is needed for HD streaming.

To determine if the Spectrum App issue is with your connected wireless network, you can run a network test on any other devices connected to your wireless network source such as smartphone, computer, or smartwatch. Launch a web browser and visit speedtest.net. It’ll load and calculate both download and upload speed of your wireless network.

However, in case you’re detecting strain on your wireless network as the test result isn’t up-to your expectation, then you can take a look at a few reasons that may be affecting your wireless network frequency. The router distance from your TV might be a long deal.

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Notwithstanding, walls and other Wi-Fi enabled devices in between the router and the TV might cause interference, inability to serve the TV with standard bandwidth. Consider moving the router closer to the Samsung TV or go with a Wi-Fi extender if moving the device isn’t possible.

Additionally, disconnecting less important devices from the network may probably boost the network speed if it’s previously affected by congestion. And also, the network source tends to act bad if it’s overloaded, being active for a long period of time, which requires restarting.

Power Cycle the Network Source

How to Fix Spectrum App Freezing on Samsung Smart TV

Restart your network source to see if that will rectify the slow internet speed. You easily do this by unplugging the router power cable from the wall outlet and wait for several seconds. Press the router power button if it possesses one to power drain the device entirely. Plug in the power cable, and power it on.

Try reconnecting the Wi-Fi network and try out the Spectrum application if the issue has been fixed. Assuming it still freezes as usual, there are still more workarounds you can try out below.

Clear Spectrum App Cache

Apparently, App cache is a small amount of data stored in between the device RAM and CPU. The caches are made available when needed or requested by the processing system to save the time of redoing operations once again since you’ve done it in past times.

In terms of time reduction, caches are good to keep but on the other hand when caches are not managed as it’s supposed to, it might slow down the device and siphon a great amount of storage. Piles of old data from long time usage can make your Samsung TV run slowly when the amount stored in the device memory is quite large.

Clearing the Spectrum cache can help fix speed issues and free up storage space. Not only makes the device operate at a faster speed, but also rectifies other snags caused by old cached data which tend to get the device slower and start lagging after prolonged usage.

Navigate to the TV Home screen. Select App and then choose Settings. Look for App details or App information, click clear cache and confirm your choice by re-selecting the option.

Check for Spectrum App Update

And also, running an outdated application software may bring about bad user experience, due to malicious bugs and glitches in the software program. There are chances that you’re a few steps back compared to the current version of Spectrum application released for TV OS.

It’s advisable to check the current version of the App you’re having on your Samsung TV, and confirm by navigating to the device App Store to see if your current version is updated.

You may likely see an Update button to install the latest version automatically, or try to uninstall and reinstall the application from the TV app store if it isn’t suggesting an update. 

Uninstall and Reinstall Spectrum App

To have the latest version installed and have a fresh start of the Spectrum application, you can remove and re-add the application to see how things work out. Apparently, deleting the App entirely from your Samsung Smart TV will clear off the application data, including your signed account and other customization you have made. 

You can put down your login credentials to a safe place before processing to remove the Spectrum application on your Samsung TV. And also, by reinstalling the App, you’ll need to start it up once again. Follow the below steps to uninstall the Spectrum App on your Samsung Smart TV;

  • Press the Home button on your remote control. 
  • Navigate the cursor to Apps, then Settings.
  • Hover on the App you’re deleting Spectrum App. 
  • Click Delete and reconfirm your choice by re-selecting Delete.

Now head to the TV home screen and click on App. Use the search icon and input Spectrum. You’ll see the application info and Install or Get option written below the application name. Click the Install button and wait for a couple of seconds for it to install successfully. Now sign in with your credentials and try accessing the content if the problem has been solved.

Check for TV OS Update

Basically, your Samsung Smart TV might have been set to update automatically after it detects any available software or firmware update. If the TV is connected to the internet and the auto update setting is turned on, the device will receive and install a periodic update itself.

Due to one reason or another, the auto update option might have been turned off without you knowing, which will leave your TV with outdated firmware. You can easily check and install any update you’ve missed out by navigating with your TV remote.

Grab your TV remote and follow the below procedure;

  • Press the Home button on your remote to revert the TV to home screen.
  • Navigate to the Settings icon and click.
  • Scroll down and select Support from the list.

How to Fix Spectrum App Freezing on Samsung Smart TV

  • Choose Software Update, and then select Update Now.
  • The device will automatically check and install any available updates for your TV.

In order to ensure your TV receives timely updates, and installs automatically whenever it’s connected to the internet, the auto update option in the TV settings must be turned on. To do this; Navigate to Settings >> Support >> Software Update and then hover on Auto Update.

Restore Samsung Smart Hub to Default

As other fixes don’t help in fixing the Spectrum App issue on your Samsung Smart TV, you can try to restore Samsung Smart Hub settings to default. Restoring the Smart Hub signs you out of your Samsung account and all of your installed applications, that’s why it’s advisable to ensure all your login information is put in a safe place.

However, concerning the restoration option, restoring your Samsung Smart TV is categorized into two depending on which year model you possess.

Using 2018 and earlier models of Samsung Smart TV, you can easily restore the Samsung Smart Hub by navigating to the device Settings >> Support. Navigate with the remote and select Self Diagnosis, and then Reset Smart Hub. You’ll be asked to provide the TV passcode, input four zeros (0000) which is the default passcode of the TV to restore its settings to default.

In case you possess a 2019 and later models of Samsung Smart TV. Navigate to Settings >> Support, and then select Device Care. Choose Self Diagnosis from the option list, and then select Reset Smart Hub, input the TV default passcode and confirm your option by re-selecting Reset Smart Hub.

The TV will reset and turn on by itself, sign in your necessary accounts and reinstall the Spectrum application. Login and try accessing any channel to confirm if the freezing issue has been fixed.

Final Thought

In a nutshell, fixing the Spectrum App freezing issue isn’t a knotty task to fix since we’ve provided proven troubleshooting methods to fasten Spectrum App freezing on Samsung Smart TV. There are lots of factors that may be affecting the function of Spectrum App on your Samsung TV. Quick fixes to fasten the issue include; restarting your TV, the spectrum App, as well as your wireless network source.

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Sometimes, reinstalling the Spectrum App also works well for some users, and also restoring the Samsung Smart Hub settings to default. In case the issue plows on after trying out every affixes above, you can get in touch with Samsung customer support or Spectrum support system for proper inspection on your issue.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the Smart Hub on my Samsung TV?

To locate the Smart Hub option on your Samsung Smart TV. Navigate to the device Settings >> General >> Smart Features. You’ll see the Autorun Smart Hub function option which can be enabled to limit certain content or restrict children’s access to Apps.

How to uninstall Apps on Samsung Smart TV?

In case you wish to delete an App on your Samsung Smart TV, Grab your TV remote controller and press the Home button. Navigate to the Apps section then select the Settings icon in the top right corner of the TV screen. Next, select the application name you want to delete. Finally, select Delete, reselect Delete to confirm your action.

How to change channels on Spectrum TV app Samsung TV?

To view the list of channels and switch between them while streaming on Spectrum App on your Samsung Smart TV;

1. Press the Return/Menu button on your Smart remote to view the Spectrum TV main menu.

2. Go to On Demand and press the Center Directional Pad.

3. Choose from the categories:

  • Featured programming
  • Recently Watched
  • TV Shows
  • Movies
  • Kids
  • Networks

4. Use the arrow buttons to go through available titles and then press the Center Directional Pad to choose a program.

5. From the program info screen select Play, Resume or Start Over to begin watching.

Your On Demand Dashboard will be personalized based on your preferences and viewing history. The more content you watch, the more personalized your list will be.

How to Sign Out of Spectrum TV app on Samsung TV?

For removing the Spectrum TV account on your Samsung TV. Press the Close/Back arrow to open the Spectrum TV main menu. Select Sign Out and then press OK to remove the account from the application.

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