How to Fix Screen Recording not Available When Airplay

Is your iPhone screen recording showing some sort of error card when trying to record your screen? Here’s how to fix Screen Recording not available when Airplay on your iPhones.

Are you experiencing “screen recording not available when Airplay, CarPlay, Restrictions, or screen mirroring is active” whenever you want to turn on the screen recording feature on your iPhone? Here’s how to fix that.

The iPhone screen recording not available error has been widely reported by users on the net which I’m able to replicate on the Apple discussion community.

Screen recording not available or recording a blank screen, users have been facing a setback using the iPhone’s most handy feature “Screen Recording” which was rolled out during the introduction of iOS 11 in the past.

How to Fix Screen Recording not Available When Airplay

Getting to troubleshoot your iPhone screen recording not available when airplay in iOS 14/iOS 15/ iOS 16, there are numerous reasons why your iPhone screen recording is disabled, crashes or blank when screen recording.

Since there isn’t an official fix yet, you can walk-around your iPhone screen recording not available when airplay with quick patches provided below that works for some users.

How to Fix Screen Recording Not Available When Airplay iOS 14/iOS 15/iOS 16

As it’s mentioned earlier, the iPhone screen recording not available when airplay error might be caused due to some unforeseen tweaks to iPhone settings.

Which include “Parental control” as it’ll automatically turn on the screen recording restrictions which denies screen recording access on iPhones and iPads.

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Digital right management (DRM), a management of legal access to digital content which controls how digital content is accessed and used on our devices.

However, this eventually leaves you with a blank screen anytime you’re trying to record or mirror Digital Right Management protected content in your iPhone screen. Here are some fasten you can try out;

1. Allow Screen Recording in Content Restrictions

Since Content Restrictions can hinder screen recording feature on your iPhone, with screen recording access denied in Content Restrictions, this might probably lead to screen recording not available when airplay. To allow screen recording in Content Restrictions;

How to Fix Screen Recording not Available When Airplay
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  • Navigate and open your iPhone Settings.
  • Stroll to locate and tap Screen Time.
  • Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  • Select Content Restrictions and input your screen time pass code if required. 
iPhone Content & Privacy Restrictions
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  • Navigate by strolling to locate Screen Recording
  • Tap it and select Allow to give screen recording access to record your screen.

2. Restart iPhone

By restarting your iPhone this refreshes the device main brain which it overloads may cause the screen recording malfunctioning and error. Basically, you can restart your iPhone using the normal restart method or force restart method.

To Restart Your iPhone; 

  • Press and hold the Power button
  • Wait till “Slide to Power Off” screen is displayed.
  • Swipe right to finally Power Off your iPhone. 
  • Hold for a couple of minutes and Power it On

To Force Restart Your iPhone;

How to force restart iPhone

  • Press and release the Volume Up button.
  • Also press and release the Volume Down button
  • Then Press and hold the Power button.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds until your iPhone displays the Apple logo.

Notice: When trying to force restart your iPhone. On holding the power button, the normal ‘Slide to Power Off’ screen will be displayed on your screen just as if you’re planning to power it off.

Ignore it by not releasing the power button until it shows the Apple logo and boots down.

Try using the screen recording function. Still not working? Try out other fixes. 

3. Reset All iPhone Settings

Resetting all iPhone settings might fix the screen recording not available on your iPhone as it works for some users. This will revert all iPhone settings to default without tampering with your iPhone data and files.

To reset only your iPhone settings without loosing or erasing your iPhone data;

  • Navigate and launch your iPhone Settings
  • Locate and tap General
  • Scroll to bottom and select Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  • Tap Reset then select Reset All Settings from the list of Reset options.
  • Input your iPhone passcode if required and finally tap “Reset All Settings” on the pop up card on your screen to finally rest your iPhone settings.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I record my screen with Apple CarPlay?

Screenshot and screen recording when connected to CarPlay has been made easy since using the function on iPhone connected with CarPlay brings the same result on both iPhone and CarPlay screen it’s connected to.

That is, with the CarPlay setup on your iPhone, if you take a screenshot by pressing the Side Button + Volume Up Button (or Side Button + Home Button) to capture your screen, this will not only munch your iPhone screen but also the CarPlay screen.

To record your screen with Apple CarPlay; on setting up CarPlay on your iPhone, swipe up to access the iPhone Control Center, then tap on screen record to start recording the iPhone and CarPlay screen with inbuilt audio from the device.

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Once you’re done with the screen recording, the screen record video of both screens will be saved automatically to the Screen Recording Album of your iPhone Photos App.

How do I turn off the CarPlay screenshot?

Actually, there isn’t any possible way to turn off the CarPlay screenshot as it functions in line with the connected iPhone screenshot.

Getting annoyed with a bunch of CarPlay screenshots on your iPhone screenshot album, and didn’t want to disconnect it from your vehicle, that’s when the Shortcuts App comes into play.

With the Shortcuts App, you can automatically delete all CarPlay screenshots from your iPhone screenshot album. That’s awesome, isn’t it? You can install the Shortcut App on your device from the App Store and set it up to automated delete unwanted CarPlay screenshots.

You can also control how frequent your CarPlay screen will be captured by activating the Driving Focus settings on your iPhone, in order to prevent flooding your Photos App and focus more on the road as notifications from messages and Apps are silent or limited.

Can you AirPlay and screen record at the same time?

Yes. You can easily AirPlay your device, iPhone or iPad screen to your PC (Mac or Windows) while still recording at the same time. To do this; Swipe to access your device Control Center, tap on AirPlay then choose your available device.

After a successful connection, tap the screen record button to start recording your screen while Airplay is active. 


Hope you’ve managed to troubleshoot your iPhone screen recording not available when airplay issues. In case you’d like to know how to fix Apple voice assistant Hey Siri not working on your iPhone, you can read a quick guide on how to fix Siri not working in iOS 16.

Having any specific affix you’d like us to cover in this post or future? Let’s hear that out in the comment section as we love hearing from our readers and we’re always happy to help out!

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