How to Fix Hey Siri Not Working in iOS 16 iOS 16.0.3

Has your iPhone Siri stopped working after the iOS 16 update? Still not responding on upgrading to iOS 16.0.3. The most used Apple virtual assistant “Siri” has been experiencing a set back according to users’ reports after updating to iOS 16 and its variant.

Fortunately, I have put up some affixes to fix Hey Siri not working in iOS 16 iOS 16.0.3 including iOS 16.0.1 and iOS 16.0.2.

The Apple virtual assistant Siri not responding after updating to iOS 16 is expected to be a minor issue which a software update can fix. However, following the iOS 16.0.3 public version which is expected to fasten things up due to bug fixing.

It was widely reported as users keep getting Siri errors like “Sorry something went wrong”, working on it which takes forever and Keyboard dictation function not responding either.

According to a Reddit post of user after contacting Apple support team reporting the same issues, the Cupertino based multinational tech company is already aware of the issue faced by users on updating the latest software, while working on the possible fixes in the next iOS update.

How to Fix Hey Siri Not Working in iOS 16, iOS 16.0.3

Before then here are a few patches you can try out to troubleshoot Siri not working on iPhone after iOS 16, iOS 16.0.3 update. 

How to Fix Hey Siri Not Working in iOS 16 iOS 16.0.3

Basically, there are many tweaks you can make to Siri settings if it is malfunctioning like enabling Siri, checking content restriction, turning off Type to Siri and checking internet connectivity etc.

But here are a few troubleshooting steps that works for users in fixing Siri not working in iOS 16, iOS 16.0.3 and also the Keyboard dictation not working issue.

1. Switch Siri Language

Changing Siri language from the default which is English (United States) to English (United Kingdom) has helped many users in fixing Siri not working on iPhone. 

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Note that by switching Siri language, the set Hey Siri settings will be turned off automatically which you will have to turn it back on by going to iPhone Settings >> Accessibility >> Siri then locate and turn on Always Listen for “Hey Siri’ to reset it.

To switch Siri language on iPhone; 

  • Open your iPhone Settings App.
  • Navigate to locate Siri & Search
  • Tap on the Language option to choose English (United Kingdom) as your Siri language. 

2. Switch Siri Voice

It was learned from some users that switching the voice in which Siri operates fixes the issue. To try this out you’ll need to switch from the default Siri Voice to a new one then if it works, that means you’re good to go. To switch Siri Voice;

How to Fix Hey Siri Not Working in iOS 16, iOS 16.0.3
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  • Navigate to your device Settings.
  • Stroll to locate Siri & Search.
  • Tap on Siri Voice. After following the 1st affix, your Siri Voice will automatically change to British (Voice 1).
  • Then change Siri Voice to America (Voice 2) and try it out.

Still not working? Try out the last step.

3. Reinstall iOS version

Still facing the same issues after trying out the above steps, try backing up your iPhone and reinstall the latest software using a PC (Mac or Windows is required). I’ve been able to replicate users’ reports that get to fix Siri not working issues by cleaning and reinstalling the iOS version on PC. To do this;

  • After you’ve backup your iPhone either to iCloud or your PC Drive. 
  • Connect iPhone with your PC (mac or Window) using the USB to Lightning cable.
  • Force iPhone into Recovery Mode by force restarting it; quickly click and release Volume Up, followed by Volume Down and press & hold the Side Button until you see the cable icon pointed to PC on your iPhone screen.
  • Open Finder software on Mac and iTunes in case of Windows, which will confirm your iPhone connection with your PC.
  • Locate and select your iPhone from the sidebar or below the menu bar.
  • Click the Restore iPhone button on the Finder interface to fully erase your iPhone.
  • Select Restore and Update to have the latest software version installed on your iPhone after the process. 
  • Finally choose restore from backup to restore your data either from iCloud or your PC Drive.


Hope you’ve managed to solve your iPhone Siri not working on updating iOS with this guide? Having issues with any steps mentioned above on fixing Siri and Keyboard dictation not working, let’s hear that out in the comment section.

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