How to Fix Face ID is Not Available in iOS 16

Has your iPhone facial authentication stopped working after updating to iOS 16? Prompted with error card “Face ID is Not Available” Try setting up Face ID later.

The Face ID authentication inactive issue and front camera portrait error has been widely reported by users after updating iPhone software to the latest version which is iOS 16 especially on older iPhones.

iPhones Face ID have been presumed to be faulty after updating iPhone software which leads to its In activeness. According to users’ reports on previously released iOS versions like the iOS 14, iOS 15 and its variants, iPhone Face ID suffers the greatest damage on updating the OS.

How to Fix Face ID is Not Available in iOS 16

Actually, there isn’t a specific fix to solve Face ID not available on iPhones yet as Apple hasn’t addressed this particular issue publicly.

However, you can try out the below affix to troubleshoot your iPhone Face ID not working and front camera portrait acting up on updating the latest OS.

How to Fix Face ID is Not Available in iOS 16

After checking out different possible methods to solve iPhones Face ID not working, there are steps taken by some users which really works for them.

Which are; restarting iPhone, resetting iPhone, cleaning the front camera, resetting Face ID, and tapping the front camera in case it’s a hardware issue.

Restart iPhone

Some users have been able to rectify iPhone Face ID not available issues by restarting the iPhone which leaves it in a fresh state and Face ID might probably be available for setup on restart.

Force restart iPhone

For the effectiveness of restarting your device, you can restart your iPhone using the force restart method not only by switching it OFF and ON. How to force restart your iPhone?

Press and release the Volume Up button, the Volume Down then Press and hold the Power button for a couple of seconds until the Apple logo is displayed on your iPhone screen.

Note this when trying to force restart your iPhone. On holding the power button, the normal ‘Slide to Power Off’ screen will be displayed, Just ignore by not releasing the power button until it shows the Apple logo and boots down.

Try out the face authentication by setting it up if it works? Still not working, Move to the next step.

Try Cleaning The Front Camera

With dirt or grease covering your iPhone front camera system which might likely hinder proper scanning of the sensor, Face authentication may be acting up and the front camera blacking out.

Get rid of worn out screen protector covering the notch area that houses the camera system and sensor.

In addition, make sure the notch area is wiped clean with a soft and dry wipe as Apple might have applied a little tweak to the sensitivity of the TrueDepth camera sensors that changes its performance after receiving the update.

Reset Face ID

Front camera portrait showing error “move further away” when trying to unlock your iPhone with set facial authentication. Try resetting Face ID.

Reset Face ID Not Available

Resetting the Face ID settings will restore all the saved settings to that of the factory i.e. you’ll have to modify the feature once again.

Note that by resetting Face ID, the saved facial recognition will be deleted which will require redoing the process but be aware that the issue might persist and start showing Face ID Not Available error message on your screen.

Restore iPhone

Lastly, with your iPhone Face ID still not working. You can try to reset and restore your iPhone to any latest iOS version. Trying out this method, your iPhone backup must be in place either on your iCloud, or PC (Mac or Windows).

Restoring your iPhone, this requires a PC (Mac or Windows), Lightning to USB and respective software; Finder which is preloaded on Mac PC and iTunes for Windows.

With your backup in place, connect iPhone to PC using the Lightning to USB then launch the Finder software or iTunes in case of Windows. After successful connection, go on with the Reset and Restore option then choose the preferred restoration method you wish to restore from.

Hope you’ve managed to fasten your iPhone Face ID Not Available error message? Still experiencing any issues concerning Face ID not working after updating to iOS 16, it’s time to hear from you. Let us know what your feedback is in the comment section.

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