How to Fix Apple Watch Mirroring Not Working in iOS 16

Having issues while trying to access your Apple Watch screen using the mirror feature on your iPhone running iOS 16?

Is the Apple Watch mirroring function missing in your iPhone accessibility settings or experiencing a long time connectivity, getting stuck on the spinning wheel? Luckily, here’s a fix and possible cause of the action. 

As Apple introduced the Apple Watch mirroring feature in iOS 16; which gives room to controlling Apple Watch with your iPhone.

Users have been developing a strong attachment to this particular feature especially people with physical and motor disabilities because of its swift and full accessibility to Apple Watch using iPhone’s assistive features.

With Apple Watch mirroring, you can now make use of your iPhone Voice Control and Switch Control, Inputs and your iPhone switches as alternatives to tapping the Apple Watch display.

Apple Watch mirroring not showing up in accessibility settings or acting up while connecting forever is now widely reported by watchOS users.

Also having the same issues, below are the available patches to troubleshoot your Apple Watch mirroring not working.

How to Fix Apple Watch Mirroring Not Working in iOS 16

According to the Apple Watch User Guide released by the Cupertino based tech giant, it’s revealed that Apple Watch Mirroring is only available on Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch Series 7, Apple Watch Series 8 and later models. 

This indicates that the Apple Watch mirroring feature on iOS 16 is only accessible when connected to Apple Watch 6 and later models.

Apple Watch Mirroring Not Available

That is, if your iPhone running iOS 16 software is connected with Apple Watch Series 5 or earlier models, the Apple Watch mirroring feature won’t show up.

Having access to the Watch mirroring function but mirror connecting forever? Try out the below outlined troubleshoot.

  • Switch ON Wi-Fi on Both Devices

Apple Watch mirroring not working

Apple Watch mirroring might be experiencing a setback during connection and takes forever if Wi-Fi is turned off for both devices because the watch mirroring feature makes use of AirPlay protocol in projecting your Apple Watch screen on your iPhone.

While trying to connect with Wi-Fi turned off, you’ll be informed in the lower part of the Apple Watch mirroring card on your screen to turn on the device Wi-Fi. To do this;

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Navigate to Settings on both your iPhone and Apple Watch. Locate and click Wi-Fi then toggle on the button to activate Wi-Fi function.

Besides, you can easily toggle this from the Control Center of both devices.

Still facing connectivity issues with your Wi-Fi turned ON? You can try refreshing the whole connection by turning ON Airplane Mode from the Control Center of both devices and turn it back OFF a couple of seconds later.

The problem persists? Try the next fix. 

  • Force Restart Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch might be acting up after a long time of usage without refreshing its operating system. With the mirror connection taking more than expected time, you can try restarting your Apple Watch so as to close and reopen its operating system. How to force restart your Apple Watch;

To force restart your Apple Watch, Press and Hold both the Side Button and Digital Crown for a few seconds, until the Apple logo displays on your iWatch screen then release both buttons.

Wait patiently for a full refresh of your Apple Watch operating system and try reconnecting the mirror feature afterward.

  • Force Restart Your iPhone

Connectivity issue still not fixed? Try force restarting your iPhone also to refresh its OS as the Apple Watch mirroring is a new feature that rolls out with iOS 16 and might glitch out ever and anon. To force restart your iPhone;

Fix Apple Watch Mirroring Not Working in iOS 16

Press and release the Volume Up button, the Volume Down then Press and hold the Power button for a couple of seconds until the Apple logo is displayed on your iPhone screen. Then try reconnecting the Apple Watch mirroring feature.

Note this when trying to force restart your iPhone. On holding the power button, the normal ‘Slide to Power Off’ screen will be displayed, Just ignore by not releasing the power button until it shows the Apple logo and boots down.

Hope you’ve managed to troubleshoot Apple Watch mirroring not working in iOS 16? Still facing any issues using the mirroring feature, it’s time to hear you out. Communicate your feedback with us using the comment section.

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