Fire TV’s New Privacy Controls Manage What Your Apps Share with Amazon

Amazon has rolled out enhanced privacy options for Fire TV users, giving them more control over the information shared with the platform.

The update is centered around the new “Continue Watching” row feature on the Fire TV home screen.

This feature allows users to easily resume their TV shows or movies by displaying the most recently watched content.

Unlike previous versions, the updated “Continue Watching” row includes content started within third-party apps and services, expanding its functionality.

However, for Amazon to access this data, users must permit the sharing of their viewing history with the platform.

The privacy options can be found in the Fire TV settings under “Preferences” and “Privacy Settings,” specifically under “Manage Sharing from Apps.”

Users can choose to disable the “Share App Viewing and Content Info” option to prevent all apps from sharing data with Amazon.

Alternatively, the “Manage Participating Apps” option lets users selectively decide which apps can or cannot share data.

Additionally, the article highlights an option for syncing viewing information across devices, offering a personalized experience.

However, this is a device-specific setting, allowing users to choose which devices share viewing data.

While the new “Continue Watching” feature enhances the user experience, concerns are raised about privacy.

Amazon intends to use the shared data for improving recommendations and targeted ads.

Users are urged to consider the trade-off between personalized content suggestions and potential privacy implications.

Supported apps initially include Disney+, Freevee, Hulu, Max, MGM+, Peacock, Prime Video, STARZ, and Tubi, with the possibility of expansion in the future.

Amazon emphasizes that apps and streaming services must opt-in to participate in sharing data with the “Continue Watching” feature, providing users with some control over their data privacy.

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