Fire TV HDMI ARC Not Working: Try This Fix

Have you been trying to set up your Fire TV with HDMI ARC and you are not able to get it to work?

You’re not alone, Many users have reported issues with the HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) on their Fire TV devices.

One of the main benefits of using HDMI ARC is that it simplifies your setup and reduces the number of cables you need.

If this is your first time attempting it and you are currently experiencing issues.

There could be several reasons why setting it up might be difficult.

Whatever the reason may be, it’s important to troubleshoot the issue.

Common Issues with HDMI ARC on Fire TV

Once you get all of your devices connected; TV, speaker, and input device, you should be able to get started.

If it doesn’t work right away, you will have to do some troubleshooting to figure out what’s wrong and fix it. 

Now, let’s see some common issues you might encounter while using Fire TV HDMI ARC and how you can troubleshoot them.

1. No Sound

You will be getting no sound error if your TV and sound system are not connected properly and if the HDMI ARC connection is not enabled on both devices.

If the audio settings on your TV are not properly adjusted, you will get no sound error.

You can navigate to Audio Settings where you can Toggle between PCM and bitstream, then change it from one to another.

If that doesn’t work, try resetting your Fire TV to its factory default settings.

2. Sound Cutting Out

Sound cutting out errors are very common.

If you’re experiencing this error intermittently on your Fire TV, you need to check your HDMI cable and make sure that it is connected properly to TV and Sound bar or receiver for sound output.

Try to use a different HDMI cable or port to fix this error.

3. Audio Delay

You need to make sure that your TV and sound system are properly connected and the HDMI ARC connection is enabled on both devices.

Do this to avoid audio delay on your Fire TV or try to adjust the audio delay settings on your TV and sound system.

4. No Signal

To avoid getting no signal error, Make sure your TV and sound system are properly connected and the HDMI ARC connection is enabled on both devices.

If that doesn’t work, try resetting your Fire TV to its factory default settings. (more details on this later)

5. Compatibility Issues

If you’re experiencing compatibility issues with your Fire TV and your TV or sound system,

you need to make sure both your TV and soundbar support the HDMI feature.

Not all devices have HDMI ARC capabilities.

After checking that it is compatible and it still doesn’t work, try to update the firmware on your TV or sound system.

For further troubleshooting tips follow these steps: 

How to Fix Fire TV HDMI ARC Not Working

Fire TV HDMI ARC Not Working

Ensure the HDMI ARC Option is Turned On

If your Fire TV is still not working with HDMI ARC, another thing you need to check is if the HDMI ARC option is turned on,

or if the HDMI ARC settings on your TV or soundbar are correct. 

To turn on the setting Do this:

  • Go to your TV’s settings menu.
  • Look for an option called HDMI-CEC or SIMPLINK and turn it on.
  • Once it’s turned on, look for an option called HDMI ARC and make sure it is also turned on.

You will need to turn on both HDMI-CEC/SIMPLINK and HDMI ARC separately.

Some TVs require you to turn on HDMI-CEC/SIMPLINK first before you can use HDMI ARC.

Once you’ve turned on HDMI-CEC and HDMI ARC, try connecting the device again to see if the issue is resolved.

If not, there may be other factors affecting this, such as faulty cables or incompatible audio devices.

If you’re not sure how to turn on these options, consult your TV’s user manual or do a quick online search for instructions specific to your TV model.

Quick Restart Your Fire TV

If you’re still experiencing any issues with your Fire TV HDMI ARC, a quick restart might just do the trick.

Restarting your device can help resolve any software glitches that may be causing the issue.

To restart your Fire TV, you can either use the device menu or unplug the power cord or adapter and then plug it back in after 3 seconds.

Here’s how to do it from the menu:

Fire TV HDMI ARC Not Working

  • Go to Settings on your Fire TV.
  • Select My Fire TV.
  • Select Restart.

Once you’ve restarted your device, check if the HDMI ARC is working correctly.

Remember that sometimes, simply unplugging and replugging the HDMI cable can also do the trick.

So, make sure to check your connections and ensure everything is set up correctly before restarting your device.

Check for loose HDMI connection

Fire TV HDMI ARC Not Working

If you’re having trouble with HDMI ARC on your Fire TV, you should check the HDMI connection.

A loose or faulty HDMI connection can cause issues with audio and video transmission. 

To check for a loose HDMI connection, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your Fire TV is turned off and unplugged from the power source.
  2. Check the HDMI cable connecting your Fire TV to your TV. Make sure it’s securely plugged into both devices.
  3. If the HDMI cable is loose, unplug it from both devices and plug it back in, ensuring it’s fully inserted.
  4. If you have multiple HDMI ports on your TV, try switching to a different port to see if that resolves the issue.

Check for Worn or Fried HDMI Cable

Check the HDMI cable if you still find it hard to set up your fire TV with HDMI.

A worn or fried HDMI cable can prevent the ARC feature from working properly.

You can also try to  Connect a high-speed HDMI cable to the HDMI (ARC/eARC) port of the TV and to the port of the audio device.

Here are a few things to check:

Inspect the HDMI cable

Check the HDMI cable for any signs of wear and tear, such as frayed edges or bent pins.

If you see any damage, replace the cable with a new one.

Try a different HDMI cable

If you don’t see any visible damage, try using a different HDMI cable to see if that solves the problem.

Check the HDMI port

Make sure the HDMI cable is securely plugged into the HDMI port on both the Fire TV and the TV. If it’s loose, try unplugging it and plugging it back in.

Check for interferences

Sometimes, other electronic devices can interfere with the HDMI signal.

Move any nearby devices (such as a cable box or game console) away from the TV and Fire TV to see if that helps.

By checking your HDMI cable and ensuring it’s in good condition, you can rule out all common causes of your Fire TV HDMI ARC issues.

Ensure You’re Running the Latest OS

Always ensure you’re running the latest operating system (OS) on your device.

Updating to the latest version of FireOS can often fix bugs and improve performance.

To check if you’re running the latest OS, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Fire TV home screen
  2. Navigate to “Settings”
  3. Select “My Fire TV”
  4. Click on “About”
  5. Check the “Software Version” to see if you’re running the latest version

If you’re not running the latest version, you can update your Fire TV by following these steps:

  • Go to the Fire TV home screen
  • Navigate to “Settings”
  • Select “My Fire TV”
  • Click on “About”

Fire TV HDMI ARC Not Working

  • Select “Check for Updates”
  • If an update is available, select “Download and Install”

Updating your Fire TV may take some time, so make sure to give yourself enough time to complete the update before using your device again.

In addition to updating your Fire TV, it’s also a good idea to check for updates on other devices connected to your HDMI ARC setup.

Keeping all of your devices up to date can help ensure compatibility and prevent issues with HDMI ARC.

By ensuring that you’re running the latest OS on your Fire TV and other devices,

you can help prevent issues with HDMI ARC and ensure that you’re getting the best performance from your setup.

Reset Your Fire TV to Factory Settings

Resetting your Fire TV to Factory settings may help resolve the issue but this will erase all of your settings and data.

In this case make sure to back up any important information beforehand.

To reset your Fire TV to factory settings, you can follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the Back button and the right side of the navigation circle together for 10 seconds.
  2. On the TV screen, choose to continue or cancel the factory reset. If you don’t choose, the device resets automatically after several more seconds.

After the reset is complete, you’ll need to set up your Fire TV again, including your Wi-Fi network and any apps you had previously installed.

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