Downloader App Faces Another Google Play Removal Amid Copyright Dispute

Popular cord-cutting app, Downloader, has once again been yanked from the Google Play store, reportedly due to a copyright claim by Warner Bros. Discovery.

The app, developed by Elias Saba, offers users the ability to browse the web on Fire TV and download content to their devices.

The copyright claim, filed by Ishita Singh, the Chief Operating Officer of MarkScan, alleged copyright violations without specifying details.

Cord Cutters News reviewed the takedown notice, which labeled the app as “suspended.”

Downloader App Faces Another Google Play Removal Amid Copyright Dispute

Warner Bros. Discovery and MarkScan have not provided immediate comments on the situation.

In response to the removal, Saba asserted that his app does not contain any copyright-infringing content.

He has filed a counter Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown, expressing hope for the app’s restoration in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, users can still sideload Downloader onto their Google TV or Android TV devices by downloading the APK. The app remains accessible on the Amazon Appstore.

Downloader, initially launched in 2016, swiftly gained popularity by adding a full browser, becoming the primary method to browse the web on Fire TV.

Additionally, it became a favored tool for installing Kodi after its removal from the Amazon app.

This isn’t the first time Downloader has faced removal from the Google Play store.

In May, the app encountered a similar situation when a law firm representing Israeli cable and satellite TV companies sent a DMCA complaint to Google.

Saba successfully disputed the claim, and the app returned to the store a month later.

As the situation unfolds, users and enthusiasts await the resolution of the copyright dispute, hoping for the return of the Downloader app to the Google Play store.

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