DirecTV and DirecTV STREAM Face Possible Removal of ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC Locals

A looming showdown between television giant DIRECTV and TEGNA, one of the largest local TV station owners in the U.S., may result in the loss of 68 local channels for DIRECTV subscribers.

TEGNA recently announced the possibility of pulling its channels from DIRECTV and DIRECTV STREAM, citing a need for a fair, market-based agreement.

In response, DIRECTV claims TEGNA is making private negotiations public to instigate unnecessary concern and extract higher rates.


The satellite television provider emphasizes its commitment to meeting customer demands for choice and value, pledging to shield them from unwarranted price hikes.

TEGNA fired back, asserting that they are striving for a fair deal based on competitive terms, similar to agreements reached with other major providers.

Tensions escalate as DIRECTV allegedly refuses to agree to these terms, prompting TEGNA to inform customers about the potential loss of access to local stations and valuable programming.

The deadline for negotiations is set for November 30.

This isn’t the first time DIRECTV has faced such a standoff with a major local TV station owner.

In a previous instance, a failure to reach an agreement resulted in a subsequent price hike for subscribers.

The current situation raises concerns among viewers who may lose access to local news, weather, sports, and network programs if a resolution isn’t reached in time.

As both parties dig in their heels, subscribers are left in suspense, hoping for a swift and fair resolution that preserves their access to TEGNA-owned channels.

The outcome of these negotiations could have broader implications for the industry, shaping the future landscape of TV channel distribution and subscription costs.

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