Code to Transfer Airtime on Glo (Updated)

Isn’t it disgusting to have excess airtime you’d like to share with loved ones without knowing how to do so? Are you currently in position to transfer airtime from Glo to Glo without knowing the code to transfer airtime on Glo?

Actually, transferring of airtime from Glo to Glo isn’t as hard as it seems, since almost all mobile telecommunication service providers in Nigeria adopt the same methods and steps to transfer airtime from one line to another. Including the popular ones, MTN and Airtel.

However, in this quick guide, you’ll learn how to send airtime from Glo to Glo including code to transfer airtime on Glo and how to create & reset Glo airtime transfer code.

The Nigerian based multinational telecommunication company, which also remains one of the oldest and largest Telecom networks operating in Nigeria implement the easiest way to send airtime from Glo to Glo, which few in Nigeria know about.

Code to Transfer Airtime on Glo

Surprisingly, folks believe transferring airtime from Glo to Glo isn’t possible talkless of transferring from Glo to other network, got a lot of questions on net asking how to transfer card from Glo to Glo, what’s the code to transfer airtime on Glo, Glo transfer code etc. 

Sit back and read on as we get your questions answered.

How to Transfer Airtime From Glo to Glo

To transfer airtime from Glo to Glo; you can get this done using Glo EasyShare, a stand-alone service which gives users access to share airtime balance with others on Glo network or using the Glo Cafe App.

With Glo EasyShare service, you can transfer part of your airtime balance to loved ones and friends instantly without transaction charges or daily limit by dialing *131*ReceiverNumber*Amount*Password# in your device dialer App. 

Using Code to Transfer Airtime on Glo

  • Navigate and open your device dialer App. 
  • Simply dial *131*ReceiverNumber*Amount*Password#. Example: in case you’re transferring 5k worth of airtime *131*09038xxxx*5000*00000#
  • You’ll receive a flash message on your screen with details of the recent transaction.

Using Glo Cafe App

List of Glo Cafe App Features

  • Launch your device App Store, search and install Glo Cafe App.
  • You can also install your preferred OS from the Glo Website.
  • After successful installation, launch the App then tap sign in. You’ll have to sign up in case you’re using it for the first time.
  • On the App homepage, navigate and locate the airtime share option, follow the prompt to share airtime safely with friends.

Trying to use the Glo EasyShare for the first time, you’ll have to create your Glo personal airtime transfer code which will be used in authorizing airtime transfer transactions.

How To Create Glo Airtime Transfer Code

As a first timer, you’ll have to modify the default Glo 5 digit transfer code then change to your preferred private transfer PIN. Note that the Glo default transfer code is 00000 so to change this;

  • Open your device dialer App irrespective of your OS. 
  • Dial *132*Default PIN*New PIN*New PIN# Example: Assuming your preferred PIN is 12345 so the USSD will be *132*00000*12345*12345#
  • You’ll be notified through SMS after your transfer code has been successfully changed. 

In case you get a feeling your newly set transfer code isn’t secure anymore, you can change it for free within a few seconds. To do this;

  • Launch your device dialer App.
  • Dial *132*Old PIN*New PIN*New PIN# Example: Assuming your old PIN is 12345 and new will is 25225 so the USSD will be *132*12345*25225*25225#
  • You’ll be notified through SMS after your transfer code has been successfully changed.

How To Reset Glo Transfer Code

Are unable to recall or not sure of your set Glo airtime transfer code? Getting incorrect transfer PIN after using the code you remember, here’s when resetting Glo transfer code comes in handy. 

By resetting your Glo transfer code, this reverts your Glo line transfer PIN settings to default which is 00000, isn’t that cool?

To reset your Glo transfer code, all you need to do is to grab your phone and give Glo customer service a call on 121 then follow the voice instructions to select your conversation language.

Navigate with the voice prompt to finally request live support where you’ll get to speak with a customer care agent and request resetting your Glo transfer code.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Code to Transfer Airtime on Glo

What’s the Default Glo Transfer Code?

As a new Glo subscriber, the default Glo transfer code is 00000 which can be changed to any 5 digit of your choice within a few seconds by following the above steps.

What’s Glo Airtime Transfer Limit?

Apparently, according to some reports online, the Glo airtime transfer isn’t limited to a certain amount daily, weekly or monthly as you can transfer airtime freely across Glo network with no transaction charges or transfer limit.


With this quick guide on code to transfer airtime on Glo to Glo, hopefully you get to transfer airtime across Glo network within any restrictions or worry. Having issues with any steps mentioned above? Let’s hear you out in the comment section.

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