Can You Watch Netflix on FaceTime? Answered

Just getting to know the iOS 15 exciting features that allow screen sharing while on FaceTime. Are you thinking about sharing a movie or TV show with a friend when connected on FaceTime?

Though iOS 15 SharePlay features enable this by allowing screen sharing through FaceTime. Running an iOS 15 and later version, you can enjoy the amazing features with just a few clicks.

Unlike other streaming platforms, the California based streaming service provider Netflix is well known for its affordable and reliable streaming service offered to customers all over the world. Which people see as low-price, high-revenue philosophy.

That is, the price of a single package was drawn down to attract innumerable subscribers which comes along with high revenue on a long run.

With the introduction of the Apple new feature “SharePlay” that was conferred as an enhancement to Apple’s FaceTime, a telephony feature that allows connection between Apple devices. You must be wondering if it’s possible to SharePlay premium content over to your FaceTime companion without sharing your credentials. Fortunately, we’ve got an answer to that.

Apparently, it’s possible to SharePlay premium content from different platforms over FaceTime which includes TV Shows, Movies, Games and Music. But did it work on all platforms? Are they all SharePlay supported? Especially your favorite streaming platform Netflix. Is it even possible to screen share Netflix on FaceTime?

Can You Screen Share Netflix on FaceTime?

Can You Watch Netflix on FaceTime? Answered

The short answer is No. Currently, Netflix doesn’t support the Apples thrilling FaceTime feature SharePlay that uses the screen sharing function in transmitting the synced content to your FaceTime buddy to enjoy real time updates of your screen.

Unfortunately, Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms with digital right management (DRM) content which modulate how their content will be used on the internet and prevent their content from being AirPlay, SharePlay, or mirror to another secondary display unit.

This brings about the incompatibility of Apple’s SharePlay feature and Netflix, which makes it impossible to screen share Netflix on FaceTime.

Furthermore, it was widely believed by a partial percentage of internet users that there’s a certain workaround to bypass screen mirror restriction in applications and platforms while trying to mirror to other devices or secondary display systems.

Whereas some folks also give credence to jailbreaking their device to enjoy screen mirror/capture when it’s restricted. Can it really help? Is it even possible to bypass the screen mirror restriction? Find out here in our detailed post which highlights more on screen mirror restrictions.

After all, you can still enjoy FaceTime SharePlay with other well known streaming platforms to share your favorite movie or TV shows with your pal through FaceTime call. The general public has it that more platform’s will start adopting the feature as time moves. What other App can SharePlay on FaceTime? See the list below.

What other App can SharePlay on FaceTime?

Here are the current lists of SharePlay supported applications. Thinking of screen sharing your favorite video, audio, games, and social media contents with your friend on FaceTime call, you can resort to any of the listed applications below to enjoy screen sharing freely at infinite range.

Movies and Sports App that Support SharePlay

Apple TV+

Digital Concert Hall






NBA: Live Games & Scores



Pluto TV

Share+: YouTube on SharePlay





Music and Podcasts App that Support SharePlay

Apple Music

Better Sleep

Meditation Moments

Moon FM



TuneIn Radio

Unplug: Meditation


Games and Other Apps that Support SharePlay

Guessing Game for SharePlay

Heads Up!

Kahoot! Play and Create Quizzes


Apollo for Reddit

Apple Fitness

Piano with Friends

Popshop Live





With any of the above applications, you can easily SharePlay between any SharePlay supportive Apple device. That is you must be on iOS 15 or later version for iPhone, macOS 12.1 or later for Mac while iPadOS 15.1 or later as well for iPads. Ensure both devices are SharePlay supportive to avoid connection issues.

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How to SharePlay on FaceTime

Can You Watch Netflix on FaceTime? Answered

To begin with, you have to ensure both devices are currently running the latest iOS version or any SharePlay supportive version. Open your device Settings >> General >> About to check your current version, in case it’s anything lesser than SharePlay supported version, navigate to your device Settings >> General >> Software Update to check and install the latest OS for your device then continue with the below step-by-step guide.

  • Establish a standard FaceTime connection with your companion.
  • Navigate back to your device homepage and open the App you’ll be streaming from.
  • Select the Movie or TV show you’d like to watch. 
  • If the App supports SharePlay you’ll be prompted with the option to SharePlay the content.
  • Sometimes you may not be notified, as it already shares your screen to the other end with the playback control access i.e. the play, pause, rewind, or fast-forward button is also visible and accessible to any connected FaceTime device.

Additionally, you can easily invite a friend or friends from miles away to join you in streaming video on SharePlay supported streaming platform through FaceTime. You can do this by starting a SharePlay session from any supported streaming application. 

  • Open any SharePlay supported App and start streaming. 
  • Locate and tap the option icon or share button on the streaming interface.
  • Swipe up or down to choose SharePlay from the option list. 
  • You’ll be provided with your contact list to select who you’re willing to share your screen with.
  • After selecting the contacts, tap the FaceTime button to get connected using FaceTime.

The FaceTime interface also houses an option that can be used to determine which of your installed applications support SharePlay. To confirm this using the FaceTime interface; Tap the Share Content button on your screen while it’ll display a card with lists of installed applications that you can share a content from.

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Hope you find this post helpful. I believe you’ve gotten an answer to your question about Netflix SharePlay function. In a simple word, screen sharing Netflix content isn’t allowed by the platform which makes it impossible to SharePlay Netflix on FaceTime.

After all, there are other numerous applications you can use when trying to have a watching session with your family or loved ones. After all, you can also resort to any of the mentioned applications above and enjoy FaceTime SharePlay with friends and family miles away.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can You Watch Netflix on FaceTime? Answered

Can you FaceTime while watching Disney plus?

Yes. Screen sharing is allowed on Disney plus which makes it possible to SharePlay your streamed content when you’re on FaceTime with a buddy. Ensure a proper FaceTime connection, then open, locate and play any TV show or movie you’d like to share through FaceTime. And also, you can invite a friend to watch the movie with you by sharing to FaceTime from Disney + application.

Does Netflix block screen sharing on FaceTime?

Yes. Screen sharing isn’t allowed on Netflix, meaning you won’t be able to screen share Netflix content on FaceTime. When trying to mirror a movie from Netflix, either it refuses to connect or shows a blank screen since its content is DRM protected.

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Can you FaceTime and watch a movie together?

FaceTime and movie sessions have now been made possible with the new SharePlay feature that comes alongside the iOS 15 release for iPhone, macOS 12.1 for Mac and iPadOS 15.1 for Apple iPads. You can now easily have a streaming session with your friends while on FaceTime call.

How do I get rid of the black screen when I share screen on Netflix?

Looking for a way to bypass Netflix screen mirror block. Is that even possible? With a lot of theories online. Currently, bypassing Netflix screen mirror block isn’t possible, you can only resort to other OTT platform applications like Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, or Paramount+ for screen sharing. Check out our in-depth research on screen mirror restriction.

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