Ditch Your Outdated iOS and Hop on Latest as Apple set to Unveil iOS 16 on Monday

Apple made announcement for it coming latest iOS version, iOS 16 operating system during it yearly tradition event WWDC conference on Sept. 7 which was made known widely that the full version of iOS 16 operating system will roll out completely on Monday, 12th of Sept. 2022 after run testing the newly developed operating system with beta testers and developer for proper check during summer and decided to unveil it alongside the new Apple sixteenth generation smartphone, iPhone 14 series.

Apple set to Unveil iOS 16

The exiting and mind-blowing feature to expect on iOS 16 operating system according to beta tester include the customizable lock screen; the ability to make changes to existing lock screen looks and appearance, little upgrade to the Apple Wallet, access to unsend and edit already sent iMessage content which comes with no limitation and also ability to use Share Play feature from message area.

As iOS users been expecting the annual upgrade to the operating system, Apple didn’t fail to provide new astonishing feature to it latest operating system as it has been in action from early 2007 and users do expect little upgrade to recent operating system like the 15.6.1 which include some latest security path before a new whole version was unleash.

iPhone’s that will receive the newly iOS 16 include iPhone 8 the 11th generation of the Apple smartphone and earlier, X, 11, 12, 13 and 14, including Pro, Plus and Max models. The iPhone SE will also receive this astonishing upgrade.

Announcement of Apple Watch Series 8, iPhone 14 and 14 plus, iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max was also made at 2022 WWDC event.

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