Amazon Luna Expands to France, Italy, and Spain, Offering Free Gaming for Prime Members

Amazon has unveiled the expansion of its Luna cloud gaming service to France, Italy, and Spain, marking a significant stride in its global availability.

Prime members in these countries are now granted access to a monthly assortment of free Luna games, joining the existing lineup in the UK, Germany, Canada, and the US.

Notably, Prime members can also enjoy complimentary gameplay of select Ubisoft titles they already own on Luna.

In tandem with this expansion, the Luna controller is now officially on sale in France, Italy, and Spain at a promotional price of €39.99, reflecting a 43% discount from its regular €69.99 cost.

This move not only broadens the geographical reach of Amazon’s cloud gaming service but also aligns with the company’s strategy to integrate gaming perks into its Prime membership.

The introduction of Luna to these European markets signifies Amazon’s commitment to catering to the growing demand for cloud-based gaming experiences.

As the service continues to extend its presence globally, it adds another dimension to Amazon’s ecosystem, offering Prime members an enticing array of gaming content and reinforcing Luna’s position in the competitive cloud gaming landscape.

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