Amazon Fire TV Devices Now Automatically Play Full-Screen Video Ads

In a bold move, Amazon has implemented a significant change to its Fire TV devices, causing a full-screen video ad to play automatically upon device activation or waking from standby mode.

This alteration replaces the previous default cursor location, making the banner ad the new point of focus, resulting in immediate autoplay of the ad.

The change, initially observed three months ago on a limited number of Fire TV devices, appears to be rolling out to the majority, leading to a surge in customer complaints.

Amazon Fire TV

While users have the option to disable video ads on the home screen, this only transforms the ads into static images rather than removing them entirely.

The annoyance of encountering an ad, be it video or static, upon turning on the TV has triggered discontent among Fire TV users.

To voice their dissatisfaction, customers are encouraged to leave reviews for recently purchased Fire TV models, explicitly citing “Full-screen autoplay ads” as the reason.

This approach aims to draw attention to the issue, with a sudden influx of reviews being more impactful than traditional feedback methods.

This controversy is particularly relevant for the new Fire TV Stick 4K and Fire TV Stick 4K Max models, where a relatively low number of ratings makes it easier for a surge in reviews to gain noticeable traction.

Amazon now finds itself navigating a wave of criticism as users express their frustration with the autoplay feature on their Fire TV devices.

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