Amazon Cuts Jobs for Hundreds of People Working on Alexa

In a recent move, Amazon has initiated layoffs affecting ‘several hundred’ employees in its Alexa division.

The decision, conveyed through an internal memo by Daniel Rausch, Vice President of Alexa and Fire TV, comes a year after the company cut around 10,000 jobs in its Devices & Services division, many of which were Alexa-related positions.

Amazon Cuts Jobs for Hundreds of People Working on Alexa

The internal memo highlights that these layoffs are part of a strategic effort to “maximize resources and efforts focused on generative AI.” 

Despite the workforce reduction, the memo underscores Amazon’s enduring optimism regarding the future of Alexa, stressing that the virtual assistant remains a crucial component of their business.

This restructuring aligns with Amazon’s broader shift toward investing in generative AI, indicating a strategic reallocation of resources within the company.

The memo reassures employees about the significance of Alexa in Amazon’s overall business strategy, despite the organizational changes.

As Amazon continues to evolve its technological landscape, these workforce adjustments underscore the dynamic nature of the tech industry and the need for companies to adapt to emerging trends.

The e-commerce giant remains committed to innovation and the advancement of its AI capabilities, with Alexa poised to play a pivotal role in Amazon’s ongoing ventures.

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